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Riverwise Meditations on the Teifi by Jack Smylie Wild

Riverwise Meditations on the Teifi by Jack Smylie Wild is a book I’ve already read twice since its release, and a book I’ll very likely read again in the near future. Living in Wales, for much of my life reading this book is an experience I have felt on my own explorations and reading Riverwise brings a time for reliving and remembering my experiences and why I started my own writing many years ago.

Riverwise Meditations on the Teifi is a book about one man and the river, both intertwined through their own torrents and passage through not just time, but the land itself. For me, one of the most engaging aspects of the book is that the author is local to the area he is writing about and not an ‘outsider’ trying to experience something they could gain on their own doorstep, but Wild’s experiences and storytelling come from his knowledge and love of the river and the land which add to a completely enchanting experience for the reader.

Part memoir, part meditation Riverwise delves not just into the lay of the land, it is a homage to the legacy of those who lived in the area before, with their previous homes now crumbling back into the grounds in which they were formed, the local fisherman and traders and their customs, so entertainingly narrated and respected by the author as he is indeed one of them.

Riverwise Meditations on the Teifi is an enchanting account of a life and a river that not just snake through the land but also have evolved to capture every moment where the seasons themselves have their own characters. This is nature writing as it should be!

Riverwise Meditations on the Teifi by Jack Smylie Wild is published by Parthian Book (£12.00). To order a copy go to

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