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New Music For The 12 String Guitar by Toby Hay

It seems like an age ago that Welsh musician, Toby Hay, released his debut album The Gathering in 2017. Since then he’s been busy playing live with other Welsh luminaries such as Georgia Ruth and The Gentle Good, not to mention releasing two albums, The Longest Day and The Hawksworth Grove Sessions (with Jim Ghedi) in 2018, suffice to say he’s certainly been busy.

As with Hay’s previous albums his latest, New Music For The 12 String Guitar, is a work of poetic wonder combining the natural world along with the music, although some may say they’re the same. A one man live acoustic production played on a ‘Red Kite’ custom 12 string guitar specially made for Hay and commissioned by The State51 Conspiracy especially for a guitarist to write and record music for.

The results, for those unfamiliar with Toby Hay make you wonder if anyone else could have even been considered to play this instrument, as both sound as natural to one another, moving from the almost whimsical The Bird and the Waterfall to the more Bluegrass elements of Sugarloaf Blues, New Music For The 12 String Guitar captures the elements of one man and his guitar with a sublime clarity rarely captured on a recording.

New Music For The 12 String Guitar is a sublime album by one of Wales’ talented musicians.

New Music For The 12 String Guitar by Toby Hay is available via (£10.00). To order a copy go to

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