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Intruder by Gary Numan

It's hard to believe that back in 1987 I went to see Gary Numan for the first time, and my first ever concert. I was 15 years old and ventured off with a friend to Cardiff brimming with excitement, as Gary was commencing his Exhibition tour and the evening was as exhilarating as I'd hoped and still remains a special night for myself.

It's been 35 years since that evening and, like all things, we move on, my musical tastes have changed and Gary Numan's career has changed dramatically since then. Gone are the 80s pop songs and now encompasses a much darker and industrial sound that in many respects reverts back to his early electronic music, but with a fuller sound, that feels like the music he should have always been making.

Since 2013's Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind) Numan's career has escalated and escalated. It's a rare (and very pleasurable) occurrence when an artist hits a new zeitgeist, especially one that likely escalates their original popularity, but Numan has achieved just this. With the follow-up album, Savage (Songs from a Broken World)released in 2017 which peaked at number 2 in the UK charts, picturing a future world as a barren landscape ensuring his status as a pioneer in popular music, with world tours and an accompanying tour with the Skarapis Orchestra, Numan's career keeps reaching new heights. It was with great interest then that I purchased his latest release, Intruder.

Despite being labelled with words like 'doomsday' Intruder's main focus is on global warming, and aside from dismissive comments stands alone from Numan's recent releases, and this certainly makes for a very different, and arguable better album. With much of the album being produced during the recent lockdown then new ways of creating are clearly employed in the production of the album, and Numan is certainly no stranger to new ways of creating music. From this, what emerges is a more personal album, and something he's clearly reflected upon over recent times, and with latter albums embracing a more 'cinematic' sound Intruder embraces this and takes it further to enfold into a whole new experience and some of Numan's best songwriting in recent years.

The release of Intruder is, in many ways, perfectly timed. As the world slowly emerges from lockdown we should look at the world we live in and embrace new ways to protect the world, if the current state of the world has a positive future then Intruder is the soundtrack for today.

Intruder by Gary Numan is available in numerous formats. To order a copy go to

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